Our University:

The Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore was established by the Government of Odisha, under Section 32 of the Odisha Universities Act, 1989 (Act 5 of 1989) and it was notified vide the Government's Notification No. 973 dated 3rd July, 1999. The University has also been duly recognized by the UGC under section 2(f) of the UGC Act by the Notification No. F-9-1 / 2000 (CPP-I), dated 11th February 2000 as well as under section 12(B), vide UGC letter No. F.9-1 /2000 (CPP-I) dated 23rd December, 2005. It has also been accredited by the Association of Indian Universities, vide their letter No. Meet: SC: 261:2K/108693, dated 22nd August, 2000. The University is functioning from its present campus at VyasaVihar. New campus at Nuapadhi has already started functioning. All the P.G. Departments of the University are computer based. Automation of the office and the library is going to be completed soon.

Special distinctions of the University:
  1. Non-negotiable academic calendar and timely publication of results.
  2. Up to date in distribution of Degrees and Certificates.
  3. All PG Departments are computer based.
  4. All students are covered under Health insurance.
  5. Basic Mathematics and Reasoning are imparted to all PG students to Equip them in employment market.
  6. Personality Development Programs including Campus interviews are undertaken for the students.
Our Departments:
Students Strength of Regular Courses
Serial No P.G. Departments Courses Offered Number of Seats
1 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Sc. Applied Physics and Ballistics (2020-22) 16+04 SF/In service
2 Bio-Science and Bio-Technology M.Sc. Biotechnology 32
3 Botany M.Sc. Botany 24
4 Business Management MBA 40
5 Chemistry Master of Science 24
6 Commerce M.Com 32
7 Education M.A Education 32
8 Environmental Sciences M.Sc. Environmental Science 32
9 Geography M. A./ M. Sc. in Geography 16
10 Geology M.Sc. Geology 16
11 History and Archeology M.A History 32
12 Information and Communication Technology MCA (2021-23) 30
13 Information and Communication Technology M.Sc. IT (2021-23) 10
14 Journalism and Mass Communication M.A. Journalism and Mass Commuunication 32
15 M.A. in Odia-Pre-revised (2021-22) 32
16 M.A. in English-Pre-revised (2022-23) 16
17 M.A. in Urdu-Pre-revised (2021-22) 16
18 M Phil Mathematics 6
19 Population Studies M.A in Population Studies 24
20 Social Science M.A in Political Science 32
21 Social Science M.A. in Economics 32
22 Social Science M.A. in Sociology 32
23 Zoology M.Sc. Zoology 24
24 Applied Physics and Ballistics Value Added Course 40
25 Chemistry Master of Science (2021-22) 24
26 Chemistry Doctor of Philosophy 12
27 Bio-Science and Bio-Technology MPhil Biotechnology 08
28 Bio-Science and Bio-Technology Pre PhD As per Vacancy
29 Education Ph D in Education 08
30 Education Certificate Course in Guidance and Counselling 50
31 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Sc. Applied Physics and Ballistics (2021-23) 16+04 SF/In service
32 Applied Physics and Ballistics Pre PhD Course Work 2020 ONWARDS As per UGC Guidline and Vaccancy
33 Language and Literature M.A. in Odia (2021-22) 32
34 Social Science Value Added Course 40
35 Information and Communication Technology PrePhD. Coursework 5
36 Information and Communication Technology Value Added Course 50
37 Environmental Sciences PhD Environmental Science As per UGC guideline
38 Environmental Sciences Value Added Course in Industrial Safety Management 50
39 M.A/M.Sc. Mathematics 24
40 Value Added Course 24
41 MA/MSc Mathematics 24
42 MA/MSc Mathematics 24

Students Strength of Self-Financing Courses
Serial No P.G. Departments Courses Offered Number of Seats
1 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Phil in Physics (2020-21) 09 (As per UGC Guidline)
2 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Sc. in Physics (2020-22) 24
3 Population Studies Master of Library and Information Science 24
4 Education Integrated BEd MEd 50
5 Environmental Sciences MPhil in Environmental Sciences As Per UGC Guidelines
6 Information and Communication Technology M.Phil. in Computer Science(2021-22) As Per UGC Guidelines
7 Chemistry Master of Philosophy 4
8 Education M Phil Education 06
9 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Sc. in Physics (2021-23) 24
10 Applied Physics and Ballistics M.Phil in Physics (2021-22) 09 (As per UGC Guidline)
11 Language and Literature M.Phil. Odia (2021-22) 10
12 Business Management PMIR 16


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