Language and Literature : Introduction
  Departmental journey: For growth with research Excellence
  Our Departnment "Language & Literature" Established in the Year- 2016 and it is new-commix-model detartment in the University status of the state.
  It is going to be premier co-schooling Language and Literature department in the educational field of Odisha. At present, P.G. Department of language and Literature is an attractive interdisciplinary department with combined Odia+English+ urdu. The department has involved with many interdisciplinary and CBCS areas VIZ-Regional Language Studies, inter textual studies,comparative studies, Management studies and study of Social Science.
  Motto of Teaching:
  Confluence of teachers and students with their inter discursive.
  Departmental Course Structure:
  CBCS and semester pattern /interdicsiplinary study - M.A. in Odia + English + Urdu, M.Phil in Odia with P.hD & D.Lit .
  Our Mission and Vission:
  (a) To synthesis the regional language and Langua Franka with standard Odia language.
  (b) To outspread the Fakir Mohan's Literature in outside Odisha.
  (c) To create a national and international stage for Odia classical Languages, Fakir Mohan's Literature, post colonial and de-colonial literature of Odia.
  (d) To promote the effective learning through well creative designed pedagogy.
  (e) To create the best hunam beings for better manage the human resource and ethics through literature
  (f) To develop the communicative language skill within students.
  (g) To promote the adjustment skill within students
  (h) Odia grammer and lexicographic study be involved with interdisciplinary a areas Viz- Management,Social study, Environmental/eco-ethical study and comparate linguistic and literature.
  (i) Emphasis on mordern literature, post modern thought,eco-tribal study and descritive grammar of Odia.
  (J) Emphasis on Fakir Mohan Study in response to neo-justice.
  Our Future Plans:
  To create pfovision for e-learning /projective classroom teaching, Establishment of Odia language Lab & smart classroom with open classroom system
  Introduction of Odia Language computing.
  Introduction and the applied teaching on international language. Devlop of generative language study.
  Going to be published a research-journal with departmental Broucher and Booklet.
  Thurst areas of Research:

M.Phil Level-

(a) Emphasis on projectile research on the versatile writers of north Odisha as well as trend setters of Odia literature.

(b) Projectile research on Folk Culture and literature, Tribal Study, Comparative study and applied Linguistics.


M.A. Level -

(a) Emphasis on book review, Monograph, Lexicography Communicative language.

(b) Projectile the research paper on current status of Odia-National-International Literature.



The department motto on research is Texual study, Inter-textual Study and Deconstructive- Innovative Literature Study. The stages of Ph.D research are entracne > course > work > Pre meet > registration > middle term project on topic> Pe submission - degree .


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